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School Safety Guide – Fall 2015 now available!

At Crime Stoppers, we take the safety of our children at school seriously and for almost 20 years have been working with students, parents and school faculty to ensure they are safe throughout the year. Over the summer, we had the pleasure of meeting with most school districts in the Greater Houston Area to discuss their safety plans for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. Di

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Crime Stoppers in Action – May

OUR IMPACT IN MAY 2015 Did you know that for every case of elder abuse and neglect reported to authorities, experts estimate that as many as 23 cases go undetected? For this and many other reasons, we focused our May outreach efforts to talk to the community about elder abuse and educate on what each of us can do to help. We believe it is everyone’s duty to help prevent abus

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Crime Stoppers of Houston is proud to partner with BikeHouston to increase awareness about bike safety, both for bicyclists and motorists.

Have you been driving in your car and felt worried about driving around a person on a bicycle or wondered what the heck they are doing on the street? Or maybe you have been riding on your bike and felt unsafe and didn’t know a safe way to ride to your destination? You can make Houston safer by becoming a better driver and bicyclist. Did you know that bicycles are legal vehic

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Crime Stoppers in Action – April

OUR IMPACT IN APRIL 2015Your support and engagement continues to be the driving force behind the impact Crime Stoppers of Houston makes each month. The work we do is for YOU, your kids, your families… our neighbors. THANK YOU! April was a busy month full of community events that support our mission. We focused many of our efforts on Child Abuse Prevention Month, educating on im

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Advocacy Update!

Crime Stoppers of Houston’s very own Rania Mankarious testified before The Texas Senate’s intergovernmental Relations Committee on March 30, 2015 in support of SB 1092. Senator Larry Taylor of Senate District 11 sponsored the bill which will allow commissioners court of a county to donate up to $100,000 to Crime Stoppers sites with populations at least 1 million residents. If a

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11 5 e1583851490880 Houston Crime Stoppers Teen Dating Violence

When we think of February, I think of love… hearts… red and pink… all things Valentine’s Day, right? Yes! But, in that mist of all things ‘relationship,’ we fail to give light to those in unhealthy and often abusive situations. As such, it’s vital to note that February serves as the designated awareness month for Teen Dating Violence and we proudly wear the color orange in..

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