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It’s not an easy journey, but I know my voice matters.

A local domestic violence survivor rounds up all her courage and talks about her life in hell. Survivor: I moved to Houston to take a new job. It was a tough transition for me and my kids, but we did it together and we were all very happy. After a while I decided to date again and met my future husband. We really clicked, he was charming, funny and so easy to get along with.

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Crime Stoppers live on 97.9 The Box and BOOM 92

Crime Stoppers recognizes the devastating consequences of Domestic Violence and spoke to Access Houston on 97.9 The Box and BOOM 92 about domestic violence prevention and tips everyone should consider (Aired Sunday, Oct 25, 1015). Click below to listen to the interview.

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Crime Stoppers in Action – September

During the month of September, we put extra focus on raising awareness about animal cruelty. Through various media channels and numerous events we diligently reached out to the community at large to educate about that serious topic. Beyond emphasizing how to keep our four legged friends safe we didn’t miss any opportunity to engage Houstonians on the importance of school safety

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Crime Stoppers in Action – June/July

At Crime Stoppers, we understand that your safety matters at all times of the year, including the summer time! June and July were busy months with a special focus on Summer Safety. Through speaking engagements and fairs, as well as through our website and social media, we educated the community on important safety tips related to heat safety, water safety, travel and home safe

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“My father showed up at my mother’s job with a gun and shot her three times …”

What is the first thing you remember as a child? How old were you? I was one week shy of my third birthday and I was visiting my mom and new baby brother in the hospital. The next memory was when my little brother was an infant and crying. My father picked my brother up and lifted him with his back toward the ceiling of our living room and began roughly rubbing his back o

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I lived in fear – A domestic violence survivor shares her story

I lived in fear 24/7 for my children and myself, near the end it was anyone that was close to me, and those fears controlled my thoughts and my behavior. Then I stopped the madness and left. Brave words I know however, for those that are dominated by domestic violence that is a very scary decision. What I did not realize was I now had to learn how to live without fear guiding

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Causes and Colors: When will our children make the cut?

“We called the cops and we called our families and we prayed…. Prayed that we were not going to be next…” Kendra Gordon, Umpqua Community College student in the room next to shooting Thursday October 1, 2015. It’s a day that marks the start of different things for so many people. In fact, it was a day where people across this city purposefully and proudly (and rightfully so) pu

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Crime Stoppers and Verizon partner to raise awareness and end domestic violence

Verizon has been a supporter of Crime Stoppers for the past five years, and this Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we were proud to present a $15,000 grant to the organization to support the “Safe Community” domestic violence awareness initiative (pictured above). The initiative commenced with a Safe Community Seminar connecting advocates from across the region, working to

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