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pills drugs scaled Houston Crime Stoppers Drugs in a Snap: Our 5 Step Fentanyl Poisoning Prevention Plan

Fentanyl is pouring into the United States and Social media platforms such as Snapchat make it easy for dealers to connect with and sell to teens with little risk of being caught. Our Safe Community Program has created “Drugs in a Snap: A 5 Step Fentanyl Poisoning Prevention Plan” an essential resource for parents and […]

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dreamstime xxl 213687106 scaled e1626373984995 Houston Crime Stoppers Detecting Arson and Fraud Associated with Fire

The concept of reducing or eliminating a person’s responsibility with the possibility to gain personally or financially from a fire loss is how arson and fraud have become so closely associated. Society has a general acceptance that fire is a natural phenomenon and is not anyone’s fault. Detecting arson and fraud associated with fire can […]

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