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Drugs in a Snap: Our 5 Step Fentanyl Poisoning Prevention Plan

Fentanyl is pouring into the United States and Social media platforms such as Snapchat make it easy for dealers to connect with and sell to teens with little risk of being caught.

Our Safe Community Program has created “Drugs in a Snap: A 5 Step Fentanyl Poisoning Prevention Plan” an essential resource for parents and caregivers that addresses this safety crisis and provides action steps to help prevent tragedy. Download it for FREE here:

Download our Fentanyl Poisoning Prevention Plan Here!

What is fentanyl? Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid similar to morphine that is 50 to 100 times more potent. It is highly addictive and just 2mg, the equivalent of 2 grains of salt, can kill you within minutes.

Why does it matter? Fentanyl is being laced in drugs that teens are purchasing on social media platforms such as Snapchat for just a few pennies. These fentanyl-laced drugs can be purchased online and delivered straight to your home.

What can you do to keep your loved ones safe? 

  1. Download and share our FREE resource guide that provides a 5 step action plan and will enable you to help mitigate the fentanyl overdose crisis here.
  2.  Watch The Balanced Voice podcast episode with Dr. Laura Berman about her son’s tragic overdose here.
  3. Sign the #LetParentsProtect to urge social media platforms such as SnapChat to allow thrid-party monitoring tools to monitor teen accounts for potential dangers here: change.org/LetParentsProtect

Want a hard copy of this resource guide? Reach out to us at scp@crime-stoppers.org.


Posted by on 20 Jul 2021