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Cyber Safety Initiative, in partnership T-Mobile

Our kids are now online more than ever to stay connected and informed, for educational learning and research, online shopping, and for entertainment. With 10.3 years being the average age U.S. kids get a smartphone and 1 in 2 children having a social media account by age 12, it is more important than ever to understand how the cyber world works and the potential risks that come along with navigating the internet.

Cyber Safety sponsored by T-MOBILE

Crime Stoppers of Houston and T-Mobile have joined for a Cyber Safety Initiative to make sure parents, kids and our community at large are best prepared for the online world.

In order to keep our children safe while they stay connected with family and friends, learn, play, socialize via text and social media apps, among many other things, we must inform ourselves about the potential dangers and risks related to navigating the internet.

Generously sponsored by T-Mobile, our city-wide cyber safety initiative offers resources and tools to students, parents and our community at large to facilitate this important conversation:

  • free cyber safety presentations educate participants on actual and potential online threats including highlighting the tricks and tools predators use, cyberbullying, and revealing too much information. Houston area cases are used in conjunction with tools and information provided by the Center of Missing and Exploited Children. (Satisfies state mandate TEC §21.451.)1. cyber safety presentations to students in pre-kindergarten through high school in over 26 Houston area school districts, private schools, charter schools and other youth-centered establishments

    * Primary: PK – 3rd grade (30 minutes)
    * Tweens: 4th – 6th grade (45 minutes)
    * Teens: 7th – 12th grade (45 minutes)

2. parent presentations, along with take-home bilingual cyber safety literature that will cover topics like parental controls, monitoring your child’s usage, location services, online content and privacy and cyberbullying

  • free in-store and online resources with insight on potential dangers such as online predators, unsolicited contact, threats, and identity theft
CSOH and T Mobile Houston Crime Stoppers