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Requesting Assistance from Crime Stoppers


Processing Family Requests

The Director of Victim Services and Advocacy will accept calls and emails from victim family members and/or victims requesting assistance from Crime Stoppers.  They will also act as a liaison between the family/victim, law enforcement and the marketing team to coordinate requested press conferences.

Our experience with working with some agencies is that we get better results when the family member and/or victim contacts their investigator directly to request Crime Stoppers Assistance. 

The Director will also assist families/victims that wish to offer a supplemental reward.  Just like a normal press release, Crime Stoppers must have a media release from the investigator assigned to the case.

Once that is received the Director will:

  1. Provide the potential donor with information regarding the supplemental reward process and a blank supplemental reward agreement.
  2. Forward the signed supplemental reward agreement and the funds to secure the reward to the Deputy Director for further processing.
  3. Once the funds have cleared the bank, the Deputy Director will notify the Director of Victim Services and Advocacy, the marketing team and the LED that the increased reward can be announced.


To request assistance, please contact Andy Kahan at akahan@crime-stoppers.org or 713-923-5601.



Frequently Asked Questions for Families and Victims

Frequently Asked Questions for Families and Victims

What type of cases can Crime Stoppers offer a reward on?

  • Cases that will result in a felony charge being filed on a suspect(s) in a specific case
  • Felony fugitive cases
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence

How can I get Crime Stoppers involved in my case?

  • Ask the investigator assigned to your case if they think a Crime Stoppers reward would help.
  • If they say yes, ask them if they would submit a media release to Crime Stoppers of Houston.

Why would law enforcement not want help from Crime Stoppers?

There are a few instances when law enforcement might not want a Crime Stoppers press release:

  • They would like to exhaust existing leads first
  • They have a suspect in mind and don’t want to drive them further into hiding

Can Crime Stoppers offer a reward if law enforcement does not provide a media release?

No, Crime Stoppers works hand in hand with law enforcement and the community.  Releasing information that has not been approved could jeopardize the case and future prosecution.

Will Crime Stoppers pay a reward if law enforcement does not provide a media release?

Yes, if a tipster provides information to Crime Stoppers via the tip line, mobile app or website that results in the charging and/or arrest of the felony suspect.

Does Crime Stoppers hold rewards until a conviction has been made?

No, Crime Stoppers will pay a reward if the suspect has been charging and/or arrested in a felony case.  We don’t want a tipster to be penalized if the charges are dropped, the suspect makes a plea for a lesser crime or gets probation.

Can I add money to the Crime Stoppers reward?

Yes, this is called a supplemental reward.

What does Crime Stoppers need if I want to offer a supplemental reward?

  • A media release from law enforcement
  • A supplemental reward agreement and the funds to secure the reward

Can I go to the media and offer a reward out of my pocket without Crime Stoppers and/or law enforcement?

We do strongly suggest that rewards be coordinated with Crime Stoppers to protect you from unscrupulous and/or dangerous individuals.  We have everything in place to pay a tipster that maintains their anonymity and keep you safe.

The investigator assigned to my case said they would like a Crime Stoppers press release.  What is needed?

The following items must be submitted to Crime Stoppers by law enforcement only

  • Completed media release form
  • Still images of suspect(s)/fugitive(s)
  • Surveillance video if available
  • Still images of victim(s) if available and appropriate

All information provided to Crime Stoppers must be suitable for public release. 

What happens next?

  • Crime Stoppers will develop a branded flyer with case and reward information
  • Crime Stoppers will send a press release with images and/or video to over 200 media outlets
  • All tips will be sent to the investigator assigned to the case or who submitted the request