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David’s Legacy Foundation Partnership 

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The Crime Stoppers of Houston and David’s Legacy Foundation presentation program is designed to address bullying and cyberbullying with students grades K-12.

The presentation program includes two presentations that complement each other: 

Elementary students:

  • Presentation materials focus on defining bullying, conflict, and consequences, while providing age-appropriate action steps for resolution.

Middle and High School students:

  • Presentations cover different types of bullying, the effect of digital channels including the internet and social media, David’s Law, and anonymous reporting tools.
  • These presentations empower students to “Be the Change” on their campus, provide guidance on utilizing available resources, and teach how to lead by example.
  • Students will also learn the difference between being a bystander and an engaged upstander.

What to expect:

  • Crime Stoppers of Houston will facilitate and present Cyberbullying and David’s Law presentations for grades 3-12.
  • David’s Legacy Foundation will send campuses stickers and wristbands for each student, posters, as well as an adult resource packet for the staff.

Training for Elementary School Counselors:

  • Elementary school counselors will receive FREE training and be empowered to present our social and emotional learning (SEL) Bullying and Cyberbullying interactive presentations to their students.
  • Upon transition to new Health TEKS (coming soon) you will be equipped to introduce and teach topics that must be covered across grade levels such as: bullying, cyberbullying, and the role of the bystander.

Training for Middle and High School Counselors: Will be available for the 2021-2022 School Year

What to expect:

  • David’s Legacy Foundation will conduct counselor presentation trainings each month during the school year.
  • Upon completion of the training, counselors will have access to:
    • Presentation summary and Objectives for each grade level
    • Presentation slide-decks and scripts
  • David’s Legacy Foundation will send campuses stickers and wristbands for each student, posters, as well as an adult resource packet for the staff.

Due to the pandemic, kids are more bored and stressed than ever before. There is heightened feeling of isolation and a decrease in online supervision. All of this combined is a recipe for increased cyberbullying. We do not want any child to suffer in silence, so in turn we have joined forces to utilize the strength of two non-profits to build a robust program benefitting all Texas children.

Crime Stoppers of Houston Safe School Institute’s (SSI) goal is to promote personal safety through open dialogue and deter delinquency by providing them with enough information to make sound decisions. Most importantly, we never want to see a student become a victim of crime. Through our presentations and curriculum, we aim to educate and empower students to be the change they want to see to keep their campus safe.

David’s Legacy Foundations aims to provide training opportunities and presentation materials that equip school counselors to present to their students and help them understand what bullying is, know how to refrain from bullying, understand when and how to take action to stop it, and learn how to advocate for themselves and others.

Through our partnership we are providing age-appropriate presentations for students in K-12th grade, which present current, evidence-based bullying prevention information, effective tools, along with guidelines on the legal protections available for students and their peers. These presentations can be facilitated in person or virtually. More information on presentation content can be found on our Menu of Services.

For additional questions please email ssi@crime-stoppers.org or info@davidslegacy.org.

We look forward to working with Texas Schools to provide this life-saving information!