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Causes and Colors: When will our children make the cut?

“We called the cops and we called our families and we prayed…. Prayed that we were not going to be next…” Kendra Gordon, Umpqua Community College student in the room next to shooting Thursday October 1, 2015. It’s a day that marks the start of different things for so many people. In fact, it was a day where people across this city purposefully and proudly (and rightfully so) pu

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Crime Stoppers and Verizon partner to raise awareness and end domestic violence

Verizon has been a supporter of Crime Stoppers for the past five years, and this Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we were proud to present a $15,000 grant to the organization to support the “Safe Community” domestic violence awareness initiative (pictured above). The initiative commenced with a Safe Community Seminar connecting advocates from across the region, working to

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A Going Away Party for Neighborhood Crime

Gone are the days when we felt so secure in our homes that we had no need to set a security alarm, let alone own one. We knew our neighbors by name and they knew us. Our back doors could be left unlocked during the day and we opened our front door even if we didn’t know who was knocking. Sadly, in today’s world that is no longer is possible. Today we must remain cautious and v

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Crime Stoppers of Houston 2015 Gala “Building the Block” celebrating Media Icon Dave Ward

Crime Stoppers of Houston will host its 23rd Annual Crime Stoppers Gala on Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 6p.m. at the Omni Houston Hotel on Woodway. The “Building the Block” celebration will honor Houston media icon Dave Ward of ABC-13 for his outstanding contributions and leadership to create the organization’s highly effective media arm. The event will also serve to announce

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Crime Stoppers in Action – August

As students all over the Greater Houston Area returned to school, Crime Stoppers focused on our children’s safety at school and concentrated our year-round efforts to reach out to Houston’s citizens with important and valuable information about how to keep them safe while at school. We kicked off the month by hosting our Annual Campus Based Safety Summit held at the Harris Cou

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Crime Stoppers of Houston, Stampede Houston and the New 93Q salute First Responders with a Special Appreciation Night with country artist Mo Pitney

Stampede Houston and the New 93Q, along with Crime Stoppers of Houston, will host the First Annual First Responder Appreciation Night on Friday, September 25, 2015 at 8:00pm at Stampede Houston located at 11925 Eastex Freeway. The event welcomes country artist Mo Pitney and is free to all first responders and a spouse. The night will also serve as a fundraiser for Crime Stopper

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Crime Stoppers New Student Ambassador Program in Houston, Texas

Crime Stoppers of Houston is excited to partner with Houston City Council Member, District A Brenda Stardig in a joint effort to promote and sustain safety in schools through a new Student Ambassador Program. The main goal of the program is to increase safety awareness on campus, give students a voice and encourage them to get active. Through this new program, Crime Stoppers o

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A response to the shooting of Deputy Goforth

Staring at a blank page and feeling the pressure to turn it into a statement of support for law enforcement, a statement of outrage over the senseless killing of a deputy, and a plea for this type of activity to stop – is overwhelming. Over the past ten years, I have gone from the typical young woman that notices a policeman only when I’m speeding, to an adult, the mother of th

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School Safety Guide – Fall 2015 now available!

At Crime Stoppers, we take the safety of our children at school seriously and for almost 20 years have been working with students, parents and school faculty to ensure they are safe throughout the year. Over the summer, we had the pleasure of meeting with most school districts in the Greater Houston Area to discuss their safety plans for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. Di

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Crime Stoppers in Action – May

OUR IMPACT IN MAY 2015 Did you know that for every case of elder abuse and neglect reported to authorities, experts estimate that as many as 23 cases go undetected? For this and many other reasons, we focused our May outreach efforts to talk to the community about elder abuse and educate on what each of us can do to help. We believe it is everyone’s duty to help prevent abus

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