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Sunday Mornings with Rania: Child Abuse – It’s Everyone’s Problem

In 2015 alone there were 66,721 confirmed cases of child abuse / neglect in Texas according to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Within these cases, 171 children lost their lives on account of the abuse/neglect.

We hear the numbers and it’s shocking but I ask you to think of what those numbers represent. Each of these cases represents children who are enduring thousands of beatings or burns, sexual assaults or more; they represent cold nights and hungry stomachs; they represent child after child who is terrified, helpless and alone.

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National Volunteer Appreciation Month

As we recognize and honor many other groups and individuals on a daily basis, it is equally important for us to recognize and thank those who dedicate their time every day in making a difference in our community. April is National Volunteer month dedicated to recognizing all of the kind people in our communities who volunteer their time.

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Sunday Mornings with Rania: What About Them? The Families Behind the Heroes

In 2016, the US saw 135 police officers die in the line of duty, which was the highest number of fatalities on the job in five years. Nearly 50 percent of them were fatally shot, including 21 of whom were killed in different ambush-style attacks. These numbers, as gut-wrenching as they are, are numbers most of us read, think that’s too bad, and keep going. For the families behind the heroes, these numbers are terrifying.

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The Pitter Patter of…Paws

Ahhhhhh – kids and animals. Does it get any better than experiencing the pure joy of watching them play together, exploring their world, looking at each other with nothing but love and fun mischief and just good ol’ happiness? I say you would be hard pressed to find anything more charming than that!

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Hip Hop Hooray!

Let the Easter festivities begin in Houston! With Easter being just a few weeks away, there is so much to do in the Greater Houston area. There is something to attend for all ages; Easter photos, Easter egg hunts, family activities, and even events for the fur in your family! See below for a list of Easter-related activities you and your family may be interested in attending.

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Sunday Mornings with Rania: Teacher-Student Relationships

It’s actually been called an “epidemic….” We’re talking about inappropriate relationships between students and teachers and unfortunately, across the board, they are on the rise. … While we are seeing these types of cases pop up coast-to-coast, sadly, Texas leads them all with soaring statistics.

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Romantic or Frantic

This year the online dating market is expected to be worth 415.3 million dollars with approximately 1,000 new online services being introduced annually. Online dating sites have become extremely prevalent over the last decade. That being said, 15% of U.S. adults report using online dating sites to find romance.

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Sunday Mornings with Rania: Spring Break Tragedies – Gone Too Soon

If I had written a “spring break safety” article one week ago, most would have glossed over it. From time to time, even I find those “travel/holiday safety” articles inconsequential . . . after all, so many of us seem to come and go without incident (thank heavens). But then there are those moments when tragedy strikes, when we wish we could turn back the clock and make health and safety our number one priority.

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Sunday Mornings with Rania: Who is this Girl? She Represents Many

This is a strange question but when is the last time we’ve gone over healthy and unhealthy relationships with the young girls and boys in our lives? I mean, really discussed it. …We need to give them the tools to navigate away from bad choices and help others do the same. Here’s a very basic review.

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