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The Logan Paul Debate

Rania Mankarious discusses the recent Logan Paul debate, which sparked national conversations about the well-known YouTube star and his decision to share an image of a dead man via YouTube.

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The Day I Went Dark

Rania Mankarious shares security predictions for 2018 and lists what we should all be aware of every day when it comes to technology and keeping our information safe.

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dreamstime xl 93590993 Houston Crime Stoppers Sunday Mornings with Rania: A Bit about Bitcoins

Rania Mankarious talks about bitcoins, which have been recently appearing in mainstream media and pop culture. She talks about the potential dangers of bitcoin and explains why teens might be drawn toward this cryptocurrency.

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dreamstime l 85228485 Houston Crime Stoppers Easy Tech Ideas to Monitor Your Child at Home While You’re Away

In an ideal world, your kids would never have to stay home alone, but life happens. Perhaps you have to work late or your kids get out early from school. And while you may think that your pre-teens are grown up enough to handle an afternoon alone, there are always risks that demand constant vigilance. Here’s how to monitor your home and breathe a little easier when your kids ar …

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dreamstime l 7901430 Houston Crime Stoppers Vehicle Safety Tips

As fall returns and the holiday festivities begin, we want to make sure you and your family take the necessary steps to stay safe! Whether it’s parking your car to go to your favorite holiday party or loading up after a long day of shopping, it is important to be aware of your surroundings.

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dreamstime l 35649323 Houston Crime Stoppers Holiday Safety 2017

When store shelves are filled with all things pumpkin spice and Thanksgiving centerpieces sit next to sparkling reindeer displays, you know the holidays are here! Amidst the turkey day prep, travel planning and tinsel topping tree trimming, it can be easy to forget about one of the most important holiday gifts of all; your safety. So here are some things to remember.

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