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Elder Abuse Fraud

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service Houston Division explains why older adults are at risk of financial fraud and provides steps that can be taken to minimize the chances of their elders becoming fraud victims.

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Be the Change You Want to See to Help Keep Our Schools Safe

“We must accept that times have changed, threats to our kids do exist, and we must act to ‘be the change’ that thinks about school safety at all times.”

How can you be the change? Rania Mankarious lays it out in this week’s “Sunday Mornings with Rania”.

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BREAKING: Santa Fe High School Shooting

The situation is both terrifying and a terrifying reminder that at any time, any of our children, is at risk for facing an active shooter threat while at school. While law enforcement is trained to handle these situations, are you as a parent? What about the teachers faced with protecting your child? And how about our children, do they know how to mentally, emotionally and phys …

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DNA Testing – What to Consider

Rania Mankarious takes a look at privacy concerns to consider when thinking about DNA testing.

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Dr. Huxtable’s Final Lesson

Rania Mankarious reflects on the Bill Cosby case and the downfall of the American entertainment icon.

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A Tribute to Mrs. Barbara Bush

Rania Mankarious reflects on the life of her role model, Barbara Bush, and shares the four biggest things she learned from the former First Lady.

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The Peering Eyes of Facebook Are Shocking

Rania Mankarious discusses Facebook privacy settings and breaks down the information the company captures with every like, click, tag, search, and selfie.

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Public Safety Minded Parents

Rania Mankarious talks about the importance of being a Public Safety Minded Parent and how to handle keeping our kids safe in crowded, public places and helping our kids safely navigate the online world.

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Never Again on the Sidelines

Rania Mankarious celebrates the victory of legislation passing aimed at combatting online sex trafficking (SESTA/FOSTA) and Craigslist and Reddit’s response.

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