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Understanding the Basics of the Internet

The internet tells us plainly what it is, a web, a world wide web in fact (thus the “www” indicator) that connects us globally to a shared space. Like a spider’s web, the internet can be beautiful, confusing, complex, and sometimes even dangerous. How and where we access this shared cyber space will helps shape […]

Posted by Jammy Kiggundu, Attorney, Social Advocate and Cyberbullying Expert on

dreamstime l 51839686 1 scaled e1610578152719 Houston Crime Stoppers Cyber Safety Overview

This year, 2020, is quite different for so many reasons; notably, Covid 19. Covid-19 has moved people indoors, requiring us to perform work and school from home for most of the calendar year. Some businesses have managed to thrive during 2020, including the mobile phone and PC business. Yes, the PC (personal computer) is popular […]

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dreamstime xl 161877675 scaled e1608656447723 Houston Crime Stoppers Bullying Differences and Similarities

I am aware that some people have a difficult time making a distinction between traditional bullying and cyberbullying, so let us discuss these aggression types and add clarification. I confess to being born in the late 70’s. When I was in grade school, the coolest advance in technology was the Boom Box (Google it) Walkie […]

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dreamstime l 115139500 scaled e1603746350674 Houston Crime Stoppers So what can schools do to discipline cyberbullies?

One basic premise of cyberbullying is that the activities can occur whenever and wherever the aggressor may be. This created a gray area of hesitation for educators when the issues of punishment for an aggressor were presented, if the activities occurred outside of campus. We have previously discussed the longevity of bullying, the rise of […]

Posted by Jammy Kiggundu, Attorney, Social Advocate and Cyberbullying Expert on

dreamstime l 115377266 scaled e1603740868593 Houston Crime Stoppers David’s Law: What is it and who benefits?

As we have previously learned in Blog 1 “Let’s talk about cyberbullying month,” and Blog 2, “Cyberbullying, what is it,” there are actions which are considered bullying and some which are cyberbullying. Throughout the United States, cyberbullying is punishable by civil and criminal laws. In Texas, one of the methods of punishing aggressors is utilizing […]

Posted by Jammy Kiggundu, Attorney, Social Advocate and Cyberbullying Expert on

dreamstime l 99229487 scaled e1603231532371 Houston Crime Stoppers Domestic Violence Does Not Discriminate

The most often used definition of domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence does not discriminate and occurs in every race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, education, age, gender or sexual orientation. It has no age limit and can […]

Posted by Amy Smith, Deputy Director, Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council on

dreamstime l 103769521 scaled e1602778720242 Houston Crime Stoppers Cyberbullying – What is it?

Cyberbullying has significant social, physical and psychological impacts, which is why the Center of Disease Control considers it a public health concern. Years ago, a schoolyard bully was a student’s worst nightmare; anybody born before 1990 likely can identify with this statement. Now, there’s a second, possibly more dangerous bully; cyberbullies. Cyberbullies can be obvious, […]

Posted by Jammy Kiggundu, Attorney, Social Advocate and Cyberbullying Expert on

dreamstime l 68332124 scaled 1 1 Houston Crime Stoppers Let’s Talk About National Bullying Prevention Month!

I’d like to tell you that bullying is a new phenomenon, but history and folklore would disagree. Believe it or not, Cinderella is not a story that originated in a 1950’s Disney movie. This story is a folk tale representing elements of cruel & unjust oppression followed by triumph. Cinderella is a young woman living […]

Posted by Jammy Kiggundu, Attorney, Social Advocate and Cyberbullying Expert on

IMG 6056 scaled e1610578301552 Houston Crime Stoppers Crime Stoppers’ Victim Advocacy Program

My mantra has always been crime victims are the only unwilling participants in the criminal justice system. Everyone else chooses their roles: from law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, parole, probation and most of all the defendants. From my perspective, the very least government can do is to ensure victims rights are protected and that rebuilding their […]

Posted by Andy Kahan, Crime Stoppers Director of Victim Services & Advocacy on

Houston Crime Stoppers How to respond in an Active Shooter event.

Offering active shooter training to the community has been a priority for Crime Stoppers for many years. We are proud to have partnered with organizations over the years such as Houston Police Department to offer this valuable education to all. “Active Shooters, yet another threat to our families and ourselves.” Twenty twenty has been a […]

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