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dreamstime xl 23133837 scaled e1648840528926 Houston Crime Stoppers Animal Cruelty Prevention

According to the ASPCA an animal is abused every 60 seconds. The Humane Society of the United States reports that most cases of animal abuse go undetected. Animal cruelty takes many forms, from neglecting to provide clean water, food and veterinary care to severe beatings and other physical attacks. It is hard to believe that […]

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computer webinar jenna scaled Houston Crime Stoppers Our Q2 2022 Webinar Calendar is Now Available

Supported by partners like the Texas Education Agency (TEA), Spindletop Community Impact Partners, Inc.  and others, our free webinars are designed to provide critical safety education and resources to schools and communities across Texas. All webinars are free-of-charge. An array of safety topics will be covered in the following key areas: S.A.V.E. (Safety Actions. Valuable […]

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dreamstime l 9069207 A Message from Crime Stoppers scaled Houston Crime Stoppers The Politicization of Crime: 3/30/22

As crime continues to be politicized, sadly Crime Stoppers is becoming a target. While none of this will deter us from being a voice for victims, when possible, we will share the attacks and our response. Read more below: In 2019, Crime Stoppers of Houston began noticing a trend in which many of the defendants […]

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eunice stahl CxiJt88QJdQ unsplash e1641488549974 Houston Crime Stoppers Human Trafficking Awareness Day – Jan. 11

In acknowledgment of Human Trafficking Awareness Day, the Alliance of Leadership & Innovation for Victims of Exploitation (ALIVE), embraces victims and survivors of human trafficking. ALIVE’S founder, Melinda Metz has a saying, “It’s about saving lives.” Victims and survivors want and deserve a chance to start, or restart, their lives after exploitation. The opportunity to […]

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dreamstime xxl 99050284 bullying scaled e1633470310262 Houston Crime Stoppers National Bullying Prevention Month – A Year in Review

Hopefully by now you are already aware that October is National Bullying Prevention Month. With the goal remaining bullying prevention, let’s look back at a few news stories that gained national attention over the last twelve months since our last Blog during the month of awareness. News Story One: January 25, 2021, A Houston father […]

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blog The FBI and Counterterrorism

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the lead agency in the United States for combating international and domestic terrorism. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 forever changed the FBI. The agency transformed itself into an intelligence-driven, threat-based, national security and law enforcement agency, with counterterrorism, both domestic and international, as our highest priority. […]

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dreamstime xl 188745678 scaled e1630428090982 Houston Crime Stoppers How #Default2Safety is Helping Keep Students Safe on Technology

#Default2Safety may seem like a normal hashtag to many, but it’s what lead to a revelation of a large tech company to take a deeper look into how technology can be reformed to keep students safe. With technology being a main staple not only in our homes, but now in our student’s education, there have […]

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pills drugs scaled Houston Crime Stoppers Drugs in a Snap: Our 5 Step Fentanyl Poisoning Prevention Plan

Fentanyl is pouring into the United States and Social media platforms such as Snapchat make it easy for dealers to connect with and sell to teens with little risk of being caught. Our Safe Community Program has created “Drugs in a Snap: A 5 Step Fentanyl Poisoning Prevention Plan” an essential resource for parents and […]

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dreamstime xxl 213687106 scaled e1626373984995 Houston Crime Stoppers Detecting Arson and Fraud Associated with Fire

The concept of reducing or eliminating a person’s responsibility with the possibility to gain personally or financially from a fire loss is how arson and fraud have become so closely associated. Society has a general acceptance that fire is a natural phenomenon and is not anyone’s fault. Detecting arson and fraud associated with fire can […]

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dreamstime l 21761262 e1623704313600 Houston Crime Stoppers Summer Camp Questions Every Parent Should Ask

Did you know that The American Camp Association, the only national accreditation body for camps, requires camps to meet just 18 percent of its 255 standards and practices? Thanks to Meow Meow Foundation, you will know what questions to ask summer camps before sending your kids. The tragic loss of 6-year-old Roxie at a summer […]

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