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Get ready for summer camps, safely!

Summer is just around the corner! Are you wondering if your child is ready for summer camp? Perhaps you’re contemplating between day camps and sleep-away camps. If summer camp is on your mind, there are several safety considerations we urge you to research.

  1. Child Protection Policies: Ensure that the camp has robust reporting procedures for abuse, sexual violence, and neglect, both internally and externally.
  2. Employee Background Checks: Does the camp conduct criminal background checks on its employees and counselors? Are campers supervised by trained counselors or certified staff?
  3. Staff Training: Are staff members trained in first aid and CPR?
  4. Medical Care: Does the camp have adequate medical care facilities?
  5. Emergency Protocols: Does the camp have clear emergency procedures in place? While we hope they’re never needed, staff should be trained to handle unforeseen emergencies.
  6. Communication with Parents: Before sending your child to camp, inquire about how you will receive updates or notifications—whether through email, a special app, etc.
  7. Compliance with State Guidelines: Does the camp adhere to the state’s Youth Camp Licensing guidelines?
  8. Safety Audits: Does the camp undergo safety audits annually or inspections by an accredited company, or does it self-regulate safety policies?
  9. Previous Complaints: Are there any previous complaints posted online?

This checklist may seem extensive, but every parent and guardian wants their child to be happy, healthy, and above all, safe. To feel confident about entrusting your child to a camp, it’s essential to do your due diligence.

In addition to physical safety, it’s crucial to prepare children socially and emotionally. Have conversations with your kids about setting boundaries and reporting any discomfort, sadness, fear, or confusion they may experience. Teach them how to identify trusted adults and stress the importance of advocating for their own health and safety, as well as that of others.

Summer camp can create cherished childhood memories and provide incredible experiences, but prioritizing basic safety preparations is paramount for caregivers.

Posted by on 22 Mar 2024