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Terrorism at Home: The Impact of Child Abuse

Child abuse, whether it is physical, emotional or sexual in nature, is as much an act of terrorism as if a bomb exploded. The traumatic stress that abuse leaves in its wake is comparable to that of the most devastating terrorist explosion. The only difference is that an act of terrorism occurs and is over until the next evil plan to destroy. But for an abused child the nightmare of terror and abuse may occur daily and last for years. Victims of terrorism, if they survive, receive immediate help, comfort, assurance of safety and medical attention. Victims of child abuse, if they survive, are left to suffer in silence, to bear the pain of shame and neglect, with no one to turn to for comfort and compassion. As long as child abuse is treated as an unpleasant subject  that is not addressed, it will continue to be dealt with only on a professional level, rather than openly and honestly in an open forum. In an effort to help innocent children who are terrorized by child abuse and the terrorists who cause their suffering, it is necessary
to make child abuse awareness a priority. It is up to the entire community to speak out that child abuse should never happen, can be prevented and help is available. We must all work to end the cycle of child abuse because all children deserve a childhood filled with respect, laughter and love. For more information, please visit www.thethreadalliance.org.

Posted by Sheila Aron on 8 Apr 2016

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