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Super Bowl Safety

With 89.79 million viewers, a wardrobe malfunction, and a three-point game at the 2004 Houston Super Bowl XXXVIII, what will Houston Super Bowl LI bring us? Only a few days away and several games to watch before knowing our two opponents, the only thing we can be certain of is our safety and how we can prepare for one of the most anticipated weekends of the year.

Houstonian’s Don’t Let Houstonian’s Drive Drunk! According to ABC News, Super Bowl Sunday now makes for more dangerous driving conditions than New Year’s Eve. “In the hour after the big game ends, the danger of car crashes increases 41 percent,” with the odds of New Year’s Eve night only increasing by 10 percent. Have a designated driver in place, call a car service, or stay put until you have sobered up to drive. You can also request a safe ride through the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee app. Public transportation is another recommended tool for downtown access with extended schedules and additional shuttles. In 2004, Houston had 7.5 miles of transportation rail, increasing to 23 miles in 2017.

NFL stadium rules prohibit any alcohol to be purchased after the third quarter, allowing fans enough time to sober up before getting behind the wheel. At this time, begin consuming water to rehydrate. While outside alcohol is prohibited at NRG Stadium, all concessions will require photo ID’s for alcohol consumers.

The cities population alone consists of 6.6 million Houstonians, increasing from 5.1 in 2004. Thus, there will not only be drunk drivers to avoid, but pedestrians as well. If you are the designated driver, ensure your passengers are buckled in and avoid any distractions or speeding. Traffic and specific road closures will be dreadful so allow enough time to get to your destination. BikeHouston will also provide a bike valet at Super Bowl LIVE to store your bike while you enjoy the Houston festivities.

Hosting/attending a Super Bowl Celebration
Avoiding the traffic, crazy fans and extensive stadium prices by hosting or attending an off-site event? Have fun and remember there are still things you should be aware of!

If you’re hosting the event, collect guest’s car keys at the door and provide lots of water and nonalcoholic beverages for those driving. Do not serve anyone underage and remember party hosts can be liable “if the hosts knowingly serves alcohol to minors on their property, or if the hosts supply car keys to an intoxicated adult on the host’s property,” according to the Texas Social Host Law. Violation of this law leads to a Class A misdemeanor, $4,000 in fines, and up to one year incarceration.

Consider having coffee and dessert served in the fourth quarter to allow guest’s time to sober up and avoid making alcoholic beverage choices.

If you’re attending the event, plan where you are going to sleep whether you stay overnight or have a sober ride in place. Don’t leave anyone in your group alone or allow yourself to get pulled away. Also, never leave your drink unattended.

Social Media and Mobile Devices
How viewers share their Super Bowl emotions and experiences will differ from 2004. With Facebook and Twitter not even existing during Super Bowl XXXVIIII, please remember to think before you post! Drinking and posting could lead to repercussions that are not worth it. For positive postings and smart phone usage, NRG has installed 1,440 complimentary portable power chargers via twelve Go stations across the stadium. This way fans can continue to share their Super Bowl moments, stay charged for safe rides and communication.

Have Fun!

The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated days of the year with approximately 112 million viewers last year. Whether your team has made it this far or not, enjoy time with friends and family and remember to always respect others around you, make smart choices and have fun!

If you see any criminal activity or unlawful behavior, make sure to report! Crime Stoppers of Houston Tip Line, 911 or any law enforcement personnel.

Posted by Crime Stoppers of Houston on 16 Jan 2017