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Spring Break Safety Reminders

It feels just like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year yet somehow Spring Break is already right around the corner. A much anticipated week for students, families and children getting out of school. Whether you’re vacationing or planning a “staycation,” there are precautionary measures you and your family should take. Studies show that vehicle fatalities in popular Spring Break spots rose by nine percent in 2015, as this week-long holiday is a deadly time on Texas roadways. Be sure to have fun and extra cautious when planning your travels. Don’t let all of the commotion and excitement steer you away from the potential dangers of this break.

Safe Travels

  • If leaving your home for vacation, contact your local police department to see if your neighborhood offers a house watch program.
  • Keep lights on in your home and leave cars in the driveway to make it appear as if you’re home.
  • Before leaving, be sure to have your driver’s license and a valid proof of insurance. Make copies of these items in case they get misplaced during your travels.
  • Be alert while riding in taxi’s, Uber’s, and other forms of transportation. Follow along with your map to ensure they are taking you the right direction.
  • Never get in a vehicle with someone you suspect or know has been drinking.
  • Take turns driving if you are on a long road trip so everyone stays well-rested.
  • If you are driving far, make sure your vehicle is up to date on maintenance and has a full tank of gas before leaving.
  • Never leave valuable items in your vehicle while traveling.
  • Don’t allow your location services to be public on your social media sites. Avoid posting “live” videos while out of town.
  • Carry a small purse and keep it close to your body.
  • Keep your valuables in the safe of your hotel room. Don’t leave them out.

On the Beach

  • Use UV protective clothing on children. Babies up to 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight.
  • Apply water-resistant sunscreen every couple of hours to prevent burning. Look for the words “broad-spectrum” on the label.
  • Use sunscreen even on cloudy days. The sun can still burn your skin through the clouds.
  • Stay hydrated as the sun will quickly dehydrate your body even being in the water.
  • Remember, sun maximizes the effects of alcohol! Closely monitor how much you are consuming.
  • Use caution in the ocean. Calm water usually means a safe swim; however, always monitor the tides and keep close to shore – you never know how deep the water is going to get.

Traveling Outside of the Country

  • Remember your passport! Make a copy of it before leaving the house.
  • Avoid keeping large wads of cash and carry two different types of credit/debit cards on you.
  • Designer luggage can draw attention to your bags.
  • Confirm with your cell phone carrier that you have a data plan which allows oversea access to avoid a high bill when you return.
  • Learn the local emergency line (an equivalent to 911).

Posted by Crime Stoppers of Houston on 22 Feb 2017