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Halloween Safety 

Halloween is a time for creative costumes, trick-or-treating, watching scary movies, and carving pumpkins. Regardless of how it is celebrated, safety is a top priority to avoid accidents and tragedies that may occur.

Did you know?

  • Children are three times more likely to be struck and killed by a car on the holiday than any other day of the year, according to the latest federal highway safety data.
  • Sex offenders must keep their lights off on Halloween to indicate no candy will be given at their home.
  • “Rainbow Fentanyl Candy” has been a major concern as halloween approaches. It can be in the form of tablets, powders and blocks. Fentanyl is extremely potent; just two milligrams is considered a lethal dose. Fentanyl was responsible for 66% of overdose deaths in 2021 (US Drug Enforcement Administration).
  • To learn more about Rainbow Fentanyl Candy, visit bit.ly/rainbowfentanylcandy.
Halloween Safety Tip Sheet

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