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Houston Family Safety Tips

Gain access to helpful Houston family safety tips, and an extensive variety of other resources to help promote safety and security in your local community, by engaging with Crime Stoppers of Houston.

Since 1980, Crime Stoppers of Houston has been empowering and educating members of the community to help them fend off crime and protect even the most vulnerable members of their population. While we’re often most known for our anonymous crime tip line, Crime Stoppers also offers a variety of helpful programs, including our Houston family safety resources.

What are you doing to protect your children from becoming victims of crime?

Crime Stoppers provides a program called Parents Against Crime (PAC), whose members are taught to have meaningful discussions with their children about a variety of topics that will help them avoid falling victim to crime. These family safety tips in Houston TX include such topics as:

  • Cyber safety: This is a major concern in today’s digital world. Kids need to be taught about cyber bullying, interacting with strangers on social media and so much more.
  • Teen dating safety/violence: One in three adolescents in the United States is a victim of some form of abuse from someone they are dating. Houston family safety tips need to cover the dynamic between two teens in a relationship.
  • Human trafficking: It’s not fun to think or talk about, but this despicable brand of crime is so prevalent that it is nearing epidemic levels in the United States. Crime Stoppers provides Houston family safety resources to protect teens and also to support victims.
  • Drugs and alcohol: Junior high school and high school students are almost always exposed to these and it’s important they know how both drugs and alcohol can lead to serious, dangerous scenarios.

With Crime Stoppers and our family safety resources in Houston TX, you are able to equip your children with the knowledge they need to stay safe. When parents or children do have information about criminal activity, they can submit a tip anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

Team up with Crime Stoppers and let’s keep your family safe through our Houston family safety tips and other resources.

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