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Crime Stoppers in The Woodlands TX

If you have information about an existing criminal case, or anything that might prevent a crime for occurring, then we invite you to reach out to our team at Crime Stoppers in The Woodlands TX.

Crime Stoppers of Houston extends all throughout Harris County, providing a wide range of resources that empower community members to create safer, more secure, neighborhoods. Members of law enforcement work hard, and put their lives on the line every day, to protect our community. But, they can’t be everywhere all the time.

Engaged community members are a must in creating crime-free neighborhoods, and The Woodlands Crime Stoppers is an organization that is meant to energize these individuals. Amongst the programs and educational opportunities that we provide for the community is our anonymous tip line. This is one of the most effective services for solving crime in The Woodlands TX.

You can stay completely anonymous while preventing crime in The Woodlands TX

Many men and women are hesitant about speaking with law enforcement about criminal issues because they don’t want to be involved. This is a natural, and valid, concern. However, even though Crime Stoppers in The Woodlands TX is active in preventing and stopping crime, that doesn’t mean we’re a law enforcement agency.

As an independent organization, we work in partnership with law enforcement, and by having this barrier in place, we are able to withhold your identifying information, so you can stay completely anonymous.

Connect with The Woodlands Crime Stoppers over the phone, web or mobile app and provide our team with information about an unsolved crime, fugitive, or criminal activity that you have witnessed out in the community. We’ll make sure to act on the information in an effort to clean up the community and make it safer for everyone.

Explore everything Crime Stoppers has to offer

Our tip line might be what we’re known best for, but Crime Stoppers offers many other resources that are useful in promoting safety in the community — Safe School Institute, Parents Against Crime, etc.

We encourage you to do your part to keep the community safe by working with, and supporting, Crime Stoppers in The Woodlands TX!

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