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Harris County Animal Cruelty

Do you suspect an individual in Harris County of animal cruelty and want to pass along a tip for the sake of a vulnerable animal’s safety? Here at Crime Stoppers of Houston, we invite you to connect with our team to submit an anonymous tip, which will be passed along to the necessary law enforcement agency.

Too often, people think that cruelty and abuse of animals is somehow lesser than the abuse of a human. Pet owners have a legal responsibility of caring for their animals — neglecting or purposely harming them is unacceptable and illegal. Crime Stoppers of Houston promotes Harris County animal cruelty prevention by allowing community members to submit tips, and also reap the benefits of our wide selection of online resources.

Why preventing animal cruelty in Harris County is so important

The obvious reason for animal cruelty prevention is to better the lives of pets and animals around our area. No pet deserves to be neglected or harmed. On top of that, animal cruelty and abuse is often a symptom of a dark, criminal pattern. Consider some of the following stats as they pertain to Harris County animal cruelty.

  • 43 percent of the perpetrators commit animal cruelty before schoolyard massacres.
  • Somewhere between 71 and 83 percent of women entering domestic violence shelters reported that their partners also abused or killed the family pet.
  • Pet abuse was found concurrent in 88 percent of the families under supervision for the physical abuse of their children.

Not only is Crime Stoppers of Houston trying to spread Harris County animal cruelty preventions, but we’re also working to stop this pattern before it continues on to harm additional people or pets.

Join us in our quest for community animal cruelty prevention

Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization fueled by our generous donors, skilled board and passionate volunteers. We invite you to do your part in stopping Harris County animal cruelty and anything else that can threaten the safety of our community.

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