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Camping Safety

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As the summer vacation looms, and you’re looking for family-friendly, cost-effective, and local or wilderness sites, please consider your Texas State Parks. Families who play outside are healthier, happier, and smarter. There are lots of options close to your home for a great stay-cation! With a variety of environments, amenities, and activities, you can play for the day or enjoy the summer evenings in many Houston area State Parks.

Camping is a great way to explore and immerse your family in the fun of our special areas in the state. We invite you to come to your Texas State Parks (90+ options) and overnight in a tent, RV, shelter, or cabin with adventures for all skill levels.

New to camping? Sign up for a Texas Outdoor Family workshop in the Houston area, run in the fall and spring seasons. You and your family will learn the basic outdoor skills needed to enjoy a great camping trip. No experience is necessary!

Camping Safety

Whether you decide to try it out on your own, or want to join our Texas Outdoor Family program, you may want to keep some of the basic camping safety in mind for the best experience during your next overnight trip:

  • Keep watch on children! You are responsible for the safety of youth, so make sure you know where your kids’ area and what they are doing.
  • Be aware of the natural surroundings. There may be plants with thorns or stickers.
  • You are a visitor in wildlife’s home. Keep a safe distance from wild animals. Although they may look cute, they are wild and can carry disease.
  • Never feed the wildlife! Feeding wildlife can encourage bad behavior by animals and is against park regulations.
  • Be careful with fire. Never leave a fire unattended and be sure your campfire is out when you break camp.
  • Axes, knives and saws are useful tools, but be sure you know how to properly use them.

Camping Etiquette

Courteous behavior makes camping more fun for everyone.

  • Please think about your fellow campers. Keep noise levels down, especially at night.
  • Leave the area clean. Pick up your trash and make sure to check the area for items you may have forgotten.
  • Keep food out of the reach of animals. Put food items away after use. Raccoons and other animals will take advantage of your carelessness.
  • Dispose of wastewater properly. Dumping gray water can pollute waterways and attract unwanted pests.
  • Camp in designated campsites. Use a tent pad if provided and keep vehicles on the pavement.
  • Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.

We hope you come visit and enjoy your beautiful Texas State Parks soon. Check out our TPWD website for more camping options, park details, or special events near you. Life’s Better Outside!

Posted by Ranger Lisa Reznicek, Texas Outdoor Family Program – Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on 8 Jul 2019