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Adult Protective Services: Protect the Elderly

Crime Stoppers of Houston is proud to partner with Adult Protective Services to help bring awareness to elder abuse and protect the elderly population of Houston.


Adult Protective Services’ Mission is to protect older adults and people with disabilities from abuse, neglect and exploitation by investigating and providing or arranging for services as necessary to alleviate or prevent further maltreatment.

May is Elder Abuse Awareness Month wherein Adult Protective Services host Annual Conference to highlight issues relating to elder abuse and bring awareness to the community. This year’s conference is on May 18, 2018 at 50 Waugh Dr. Registration through Eventbrite: https://apsmayconference.eventbrite.com

The elderly are vulnerable and due to lack of social support, cognitive ability and financial security they are at risk of maltreatment.

Risk Factors for Elder Mistreatment

  • Isolation
  • Reduced cognitive capacity
  • Physical disability
  • Caregiver dependence
  • Poverty

Factors for Perpetration

  • Decline in functional ability (Self-neglect)
  • Mental illness
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Lack of training
  • Physically unable to provide care
  • Inadequate coping skills
  • Exposure to maltreatment as a child

FY 2017: Adult children make up the highest percentage of alleged perpetrators – 36.7%.

Indicators of Neglect

  • Hoarding, home in disrepair
  • Malnourishment, dehydration, over/under medication
  • Lack of utilities (A/C, heat, water, electricity)
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Lack of medical/mental health treatment

*Neglect makes up 73.1% of all cases in FY 2017

Indicators of Abuse

  • Physical Abuse:  Cuts, puncture wounds, burns, bruises, welts
  • Sexual Abuse: Sexually transmitted infection, unexplained pregnancy, rectal bleeding
  • Emotional Abuse:  Fear of perpetrator, low self-esteem, depression, caretaker cursing, yelling and screaming

Indicators of Exploitation

  • Unusual activity in bank account
  • Caregiver’s name added to bank account
  • Unpaid bills
  • Unusual purchases on credit cards
  • Suspicious loans taken out in older adult’s name
APS Statistics – Fiscal Year 2017

114,305: Intake Calls

84,712: Completed Investigations

51,314: Validated Cases

Houston District

21,565: Intake Calls

17,128: Completed Investigations

12,415: Validated Cases

Posted by Adult Protection Services on 7 May 2018