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A new form of bullying – CYBERBULLYING (Written by a local teen)

Bullying has been a big issue for generations of kids, and through the years it has changed its form, from way back to when formal schools started to today people have bullied others for reasons of race, wealth, appearance, heritage, just any little thing people can come up with that is petty and attempts to make people feel bad; however bullying now has a new form and with that new form comes new ways in which to commit those horrible acts. I am indeed talking about cyberbullying

A form of bullying that has far more cruel and permanent than traditional forms of bullying. Cyberbullying is what it sounds like, a form of bullying does on the internet, or over text messages. Much like physical bullying cyber bullying is used to make fun of and be little an individual, Cyberbullying is usually done by one or more people who ridicule someone, while physical bullying is indeed bad, cyberbullying can be far more humiliating for a number a reasons, bullies can impersonate their victims on a social media, and from there post either embarrassing, controversial, or forms of pornography to humiliate them and get the victim in trouble. Thankfully things like that are very extreme cases, though a lot of this can be done thanks to the internet’s anonymity.

It is very important to realize when and if your child is being cyberbullied, keep tabs on their social media to see if any mean comments and tags are made on their page. Don’t comment on the comments or tags that can make things far worse. Rather, show it to your child’s school, as many schools have an anti-cyber bullying policy and can track them down, saving your child lots of embarrassment

Cyberbullying is a growing form of bullying it’s not going to go away overnight, and because of how the internet’s nature is it is very difficult to destroy and because of that it is paramount to speak up about these issues, to parents, teachers, principals, your local police, anybody with a type of authority so we can be rid of at least one cyberbully at a time, and that’s far better than allowing others to harm, and be little us.

Remember to stay safe online, keep your accounts private and try to only give your account info to those you trust, staying in a private mode can help a few ways, for one no one but your followers can view and comment on your posts. Block accounts that may start a cycle of bullying, and block any other accounts that may be made by the same person. Again it’s not much but it is certainly something you can do to protect yourself from cyberbullying

Posted by Aoi on 1 Nov 2017