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Back to School Safety

We know that the 2020-2021 school year will look different than any year before. Whether your student is going back to school in person, remaining at home and attending school virtually, or a hybrid of both, we are working hard to ensure safety for all students.

Cyber Safety
With students online more than ever it is important to consider online victimization opportunities.

• Do you know what social media apps, games, and chat platforms your student uses and how each of those platforms work?
• Do you have regular conversation about internet safety and trends with your student?
• What would you do if you found pornography on your student’s device?
• Do you know where to go and what resources to utilize if you suspect human trafficking, cyberbullying, or mental health struggles in
your student?
• Are you prepared to monitor your student’s internet usage and have honest dialogue with them about your concerns?
• How is the increase in technology affecting your student’s mental health?

If you would like to learn more about cyber safety, please click here to request a presentation or here to request access our Virtual Parent’s Guide to Cyber Safety.