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Crime Stoppers Fights for Legislative Improvements to Enhance Victims’ Rights and Public Safety

Crime Stoppers of Houston remains committed to fighting for legislative improvement to enhance victims’ rights and public safety.

The Texas 87th Legislative Session kicks off at the Capitol in Austin today. The following legislative items are on our agenda to support this session:

  • HB 670: This bill will enhance penalties for those who engage in what is known as ‘Celebratory Gunfire’. Reckless discharge of a firearm that causes serious bodily injury and or death may be punishable as a second-degree felony. In 2020, Harris County had several people injured and a nurse was killed as a result of ‘Celebratory Gunfire’.
  • Felony Bond Reform Bills are expected to be filed by Houston area Senators Paul Bettencourt and John Whitmire to address the ramifications of felony bond reform. This is an issue Crime Stoppers has been at the forefront and has led the charge to seek significant changes to enhance public safety when it comes to felony bond reform.
  • Allowing the Parole Board discretion when it comes to reviewing offenders for parole convicted of Assault with the Intent to Impede Breathing. Current statutes mandate yearly parole reviews for the above offenders. Legislation will be filed to allow the parole board the same discretion it has for other offenders convicted of violent crimes not to review for parole upon denial anywhere from 1-5 years.

Our team is also working closely with our human trafficking partners at Children at Risk, Houston 20 and others, to inform you about House/Senate Bills that have been filed surrounding human trafficking. We will share that information soon.

We welcome your support on these important legislative issues.

Posted by on 12 Jan 2021