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Crime Stoppers of Houston’s Response to the Death of George Floyd

As Crime Stoppers stands as the leading public safety organization, bridging the gap between law enforcement
and the community, we have spent a great deal of time processing the events that unfolded following the
horrific killing of George Floyd.

We all agree that the murder of George Floyd, and countless others, were tragic yet utterly preventable. The
officers involved were rightfully removed from their positions and criminally charged.

As a public safety organization, we support law enforcement. We do not support police brutality.

It is important to recognize the real dangers and threats that law enforcement officers face on a daily basis. With
that being said, we fully support a national response that unifies the operational practices of the 18,000 law
enforcement agencies in our nation, to include a comprehensive review and outline of all police policies and
practices regarding use of force, along with the discipline and removal of law enforcement officers when
needed and the parameters around rehiring officers who may have been terminated from other departments.
Additionally, we support new and unified techniques for training current and future officers, increasing
accountability for excessive use of force and improved data collection.

Law enforcement in our area represents the diversity of ethnicity and cultures that make up Houston. We
know that many first responders have paid the ultimate price on behalf of the citizens of Houston and Harris
County without regard to race, gender or creed.

Crime Stoppers is an organization made up of the community, represented by all and serving all, without
question. We hear the outcries of systemic racism and urge communities to come together, to listen, to respect
one another and to heal.

We understand our nation was built on peaceful protests and applaud those who are using their voices for the
betterment of all. We applaud their efforts and believe their actions can be a catalyst for positive change.

Our staff hears the stories of victims daily and a re concerned about the call for a full defunding or dismantling
of law enforcement. A systematic approach to evaluating law enforcement practices and time spent investing in
and supporting complimentary agencies is needed. Now is the time to give our nation’s law enforcement
agencies support, guidance and accountability in order to create a system of checks and balances that measure
law enforcement response.

Crime Stoppers of Houston has been focused on solving and preventing crime for forty years. We look forward
to being a part of this critical public safety conversation as the community seeks to enact positive change and

Posted by on 23 Jun 2020