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For over 40 years, Crime Stoppers has been your public safety nonprofit, working with law enforcement, media and the community to keep you and your families safe. We are proud of the work we do for victims and our community. Crime Stoppers will continue to be here, creating conversations and solutions that keep you safe. Please join us in standing for public safety.

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We are #standingforpublicsafety because…

Senator John Whitmire

standingforpublicsafety johnwhitmire Houston Crime Stoppers

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

standingforpublicsafety sheilajacksonlee Houston Crime Stoppers

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

standingforpublicsafety sheilajacksonlee Houston Crime Stoppers

Chief Troy Finner, Houston Police Department

standingforpublicsafety troyfinner Houston Crime Stoppers

Dr. Pam Wells, Executive Director, Region 4 Education Service Center

standingforpublicsafety pamwells Houston Crime Stoppers

Tena Lundquist Faust

Crime Stoppers is the most important NGO/nonprofit in Houston and maybe Texas. It’s difficult to imagine what our city would look like without the impact of their work. Their Safe School Program alone has removed dozens of guns from schools. We are so grateful for their work to keep Houstonians safe and to improve their quality of life.

– Tena Lundquist Faust

Jessika Gaehrig

Crime Stoppers has supported me personally and parents of murdered children members when we needed help with the court system. We were lost before we found Andy.

– Jessika Gaehrig

Wendy Baimbridge

standingforpublicsafety wendybaimbridge Houston Crime Stoppers

Dr. Marian Zaki, Houston Baptist University

I think of Crime Stoppers as the “eyes and ears” of our community. They are an army of dedicated citizens who have a clear mission for creating a safer place for us to live, both now and for generations to come. It takes more than just law enforcement efforts to accomplish this mission. Crime Stoppers provides that engagement link between citizens, media, and the criminal justice system to bring justice, support to victims, and offer awareness at all levels. Houston Baptist University’s College of Science and Engineering is proud to partner and support the efforts of Crime Stoppers by leveraging our collective set of skills, technologies, and research capabilities to help build the data analytical models for strategic crime analysis that will help Crime Stoppers develop both short-term and long-term strategies for increased awareness, protection, and prevention techniques.

– Dr. Marian Zaki, Houston Baptist University

Sharon Shepard

Yes, I have lost two nephews in the last 6 years, 2016 and 2019.  Crime Stoppers has been by my side every step of the way.  Helping me to get information and interviews to get information out on my nephews.  I’m very great full for all you have done up to this point to make sure that my family get justice.

– Sharon Shepard

Amy Leibman

As a citizen and crime victim I want to thank Crime Stoppers of Houston for your incredible work helping to protect our neighborhoods and schools especially during these extraordinarily trying times in our city. So many Houstonians like me have been looking for answers, help and guidance and you were there —- providing support, education and prevention programs, which are needed now more than ever! I have seen first hand not only the dedicated work you have done in our city, but the respect you have from others across the state and the country who reach out to you for help Please continue to fight the good fight so that we can bring back a safer Houston. The citizens of Houston stand with you and #StandingforPublicSafety!

– Amy Leibman

Virginia McIntyre

As a victim of an armed robbery in my home as well as a concerned citizen, I applaud everything Crime Stoppers of Houston is doing to Stand for Public Safety as well as Bring Back a Safer Houston. Crime Stoppers has conducted outstanding research and has data and statistics that point to the reasons of this outrageous rise in crime in our city. This organization has my full support and appreciation. Thank you Crime Stoppers of Houston!

– Virginia McIntyre

Jack and Lou Ann Templeman

We have not personally been impacted by the work of Crime Stoppers but we are very grateful for the extremely important work you do. Thank you for your tireless efforts to make our community a safer place.

– Jack and Lou Ann Templeman


As a victim of educator abuse who has lived with the burden of multiple assaults as a minor, I was finally allowed to be heard by Crime Stoppers. It was a gift from above to FINALLY have someone take a moment and listen to changes that need to be made in our legal system to help students stay safe in their own schools and communities.

– Anonymous

Michelle Heinz

Crime Stoppers changed my life.  I was a very depressed crime victim feeling completely defeated with no Saigon of hope.  Rania and Andy held my hand through the worse days of my life giving me strength and helping me find my voice.  After working with Crime Stoppers, I became a victor instead of a victim!  Thank you Crime Stoppers!  I am eternally grateful to you!

– Michelle Heinz

Nancy T. Galle, M.Ed., Title IV, Part A School Safety State Initiative | ESC Region 14

Crime Stoppers of Houston and the Title IV School Safety State Initiative have worked in partnership toward the prevention of crimes against our state’s most vulnerable populations, our students. Crime Stoppers has provided current and relevant information to reach students and educators. We look forward to further collaboration as we work to keep all students safe.

– Nancy T. Galle, M.Ed., Title IV, Part A School Safety State Initiative | ESC Region 14

Tama Lundquist

I cannot imagine what Houston crime statistics might be without the assistance and guidance of Crime Stoppers.  When I think of resources for safety, quality of life, our children’s well-being, victims rights, truth, collaboration and overall impactful organizations, this one leads in so many ways.   Each person working at Crime Stoppers is professional and dedicated to making Houston a better city.   Houston, the 4th largest city, is better because of this small but mighty organization.  Their leader, Rania Mankarious, has grown this non-profit and thus grown the impact of their mission.  I’ve often said the city and county should be paying them for the incredible work they are doing—they are that good.  We are so blessed to have this organization.  It is a beacon of hope when the crime rates seem to spin out of the city and county’s control.

– Tama Lundquist

Jennifer Hohman

You have helped progress the conversation and attention to human trafficking and the danger of online interaction for our children!!

– Jennifer Hohman

Joanna Boyer

So grateful for the safety awareness and education Crime Stoppers has provided for online safety and neighborhood safety for our family. Also, I am a member of Lakewood Church and appreciate what they did to help bring closure to the crime there.

– Joanna Boyer

Frankie Buggs, Galena Park ISD

Galena Park ISD and the Mental Health Intervention Team, is always proud to partner with Crime Stoppers of Houston. Their Safe School Institute has allowed us to bring new and updated information to educate numerous students, educators, and parents on prevention and crime trends. Looking forward to a continued partnership.

– Frankie Buggs, Galena Park ISD

Tamara Hays

Thank you for providing an opportunity to teach me how to better keep my community and my family safe.

– Tamara Hays

Carrie Goff

Attended Community meeting and learned why crime is escalating in Houston, due to lack of prosecution of criminals by elected judges and attorneys, because of a political bias, causing them to be “soft on crime”. If there is no punishment for crime, it explains why Houston is rated 4th highest city in crime. Crimes are daily being reported on my “Next Door Neighbor” website.

– Carrie Goff

Natalie Ariz

I’ve had the honor to witness all the incredible work Crime Stoppers does for our community. As a mother, this is my number one resource for staying vigilant and mindful to the creative ways crimes are executed in our modern day society. Rania and Andy work tirelessly to be the voice for countless victims and their families. I’m truly blown away by their dedication and heart they give on each and every case. They emulate incredible leadership that echos throughout their organization. I feel safer with Crime Stoppers on our side! The sincerest of gratitude, my family and I thank you!

– Natalie Ariz

Graham Horton

Press on CSoH! You are making a difference by keeping citizens informed on the threats that exist within our community. Together we have to take back our community and govern with law & order. You have our unwavering support!

– Graham Horton

Linsday Aronstein

As a COMMUNITY MEMBER, we appreciate working together to Keep Houston Safe!

– Lindsay Aronstein

Thanks to Crime Stoppers and Andy Kahan for all the help and support in my time of need when my son was murdered. The direction and assistance that was given to me was so important to me and I could never thank them enough.

– Debbie Schwartz

Crime Stoppers has helped my sister and I thru the most darkest horrific unimaginable pain that we didn’t know existed, it’s like they are holding our hands thru this horrific time in our life.

– Agustina Vazquez

Crime Stoppers has helped us so very much through “The Parent’s of Murdered Children” meetings. My sister and I attend the meetings and feel we are understood in our grief. Thank you very much to Crime Stoppers.

– Martha Salazar