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Demand Disruption scaled Houston Crime Stoppers

Demand Reduction Strategy Summit

Demand Reduction Strategy Summit
Hosted by Demand Disruption and Crime Stoppers of Houston

June 21 | 9 AM CST – 4 PM CST
Crime Stoppers of Houston Headquarters
3001 Main St. Houston, TX 77002

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**Lunch will be provided**

Demand Disruption employs a buyer-informed, specialized approach in not only addressing the demand that fuels human tracking but also in its execution of programs and collaboration with partners to prevent sex buyer activity. Crime Stoppers of Houston and Demand Disruption are committed to reducing the demand for sex buying in our community.

This summit gives the community at large an opportunity to learn about unique techniques and strategic collaborative models that are helping our community reduce sex buyer activity. Crime Stoppers of Houston and Demand Disruption, in partnership with Houston’s community, corporate, legislative, and law enforcement leaders, are proud to present this 7-hour summit designed to convey the impact of demand deterrent programs through panels, workgroups, and data interpretation for the purpose of advancing the community’s understanding of buyer behavior and motivation. Demand Disruption wants to extend a huge thank you to our summit hosts and partners Crime Stoppers of Houston, who simultaneously works to solve and prevent these crimes from occurring altogether. Join us for this event that will provide a rare, collective insight into understanding how to confront the demand that fuels human trafficking that you won’t find anywhere else.

Summit Schedule


9:15 – 10:15 Session 1
10:15 – 10:25 Break
10:25 – 11:30 Session 2
11:30 – 12:30 Lunch

  • Resource Fair 

12:30 – 1:15 Session 3
1:15 – 1:25 Break
1:25- 1:55 Session 4
2:00 – 2:30 Breakout 1

   1. Law Enforcement
   2. State
   3. Ordinance Reform
   4. CS Tip Line/Prevention/Nicole case study 

2:30 – 2:40 Break
2:40 – 3:10 Breakout 2 

   1. Prevention 
   2. Intervention
   3. Post Arrest      
   4. Disrupting SIMBs 

3:10 – 3:20 Break 
3:20 – 4:00 Closing Panel/Celebrations

Part One: Demand Disruption 

We believe that ending the demand that fuels trafficking is the most direct, effective way to fight human trafficking. As such, Demand Disruption is a buyer-informed anti-trafficking organization that seeks to eliminate buyer motivation through demand deterrent approaches. This session dispels the narrative that often has made clout over who is “the buyer”, and intends to accurately define the true aspects of buyer behavior and the common contributing factors that can lead to sex buying activity. Demand Disruption presents the counternarrative that is based on research, information, data, and first-hand accounts/experiences. 

Part Two: Community

The community engagement is key to strategic programs yielding positive, far-reaching impact that can is replicable and enduring. This is why it is important for community members to be involved with what local NGOs are providing for services and support. 

This session provides an overview of how Demand Disruption and Crime Stoppers of Houston approaches community engagement through different lenses and purposes to achieve a more comprehensive, inclusive, and significant impact on the community. 


Part Three: Corporate

  1.  The Corporate Connection
    • Indirect contribution to trafficking models
      • Technology use
    • Direct contribution to trafficking models
      • Strip club patronage
      • Supply chain & processes
    • Productivity
      • Commercial sex industry related distractions
        1. Pornography consumption
          A. Hours of downtime
        2. Personal issues
          B. Marital strife related to employee behavior
    • Employee Resource Page Support
      • Employee trainings and certifications
      • ERP content and resources

Part Four: Enforcement, Prosecution & Legislation
Main Session: County

The STAR (Sex-Buyer Transformation and Restoration) program is one of Demand Disruption’s most effective programs in disrupting sex-buyer activity. This is due in large part to STAR being developed in collaboration with both buyer-informed and mental health clinician expert perspectives. By encompassing rigorous honesty, support, information, counseling and accountability, the STAR Program exposes the true effects of purchase, and encourages restoration of individual’s post-arrest. 

Sarah Sowell, a researcher from Rice University, will present her findings on the yield, effectiveness, and quantitative measures of success of the STAR program.

  • Trial and Prosecution
  • STAR Program

Breakout Rooms: 

  1. City – A detailed overview of our partnership with local law enforcement and the purpose of our collaborative work to engage sex buyers. This session features Sergeant Tony Garcia and Detective Melanie Jones with the Houston Police Department and the Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance. This session will also provide a first-hand account of what happens at the point of arrest for a sex-buyer through Demand Disruption’s Law Enforcement Intervention Partnership (LEIP) program.
    • Law Enforcement
      • HTRA- Tony Garcia
      • LEIP – Melanie Jones 
  2.  State – This session will cover legislative efforts at the state level where Demand Disruption contributes as subject matter experts to the creation of new anti-trafficking laws in Texas. This breakout session will also cover the difference between Demand Disruption’s STAR Program approach vs. typical “John” schools in comparing their relative effectiveness in demand reduction.  
  • Minimum standard for “John” Schools
  • Legislation that addresses the contributing factors of trafficking strategically


Part Five: Demand Disruption Breakout Rooms

Breakout Session 2

Prevention – This session will focus on Demand Disruption’s community programming that is centered around equipping parents and individuals on how to have empathy-based conversations with loved ones who might be struggling with the effects of living in a hyper-sexualized culture. 

  •  Community Impact

Intervention – This session will be an in-depth look at the impact of having strategic conversations with alleged sex buyers at the point of arrest. It will also provide accounts from Demand Disruption’s Defender Coordinator on the nuances of leading a unique volunteer effort/experience. 

  • LEIP panel + Discussion

Post-Arrest – This session covers what an arrested sex-buyer will experience in the STAR program and gives the participants an opportunity to understand the effectiveness of the STAR program in regard to demand reduction capabilities.

  • The Bridge Method 
  • STAR Survey 
  • The Experience
  • A Sampling of the Class
  • The Letter  

Disrupting SIMBs – This session will cover Demand Disruption’s most exciting project partnership yet. Although, it might seem like an impossible task, Demand Disruption and HTSDAB will give the community a successful, repeatable model to eliminate suspected illicit massage businesses (SIMBS) and facilitating services for exploited women. Participants will get to hear firsthand from the leading experts on what it takes to eliminate SIMBs in our communities. 

  • The MAP – Vanessa Forbes
    • Community Empowerment 
    • HTSDAB
    • Law Enforcement Support
    • Research
    • Operation Planning
    • Owner location / Contact
    • NGO Partner Awareness Efforts
      • Crime Stoppers
      • Children At Risk
      • Reporting Tool