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Individual Membership

Joining the Live Safe Alliance tells the world that you support the ongoing public safety efforts of Crime Stoppers of Houston.  Members receive Crime Stoppers branded materials, and recognition as a leader in giving.  Join the Live Safe Alliance today and receive a Crime Stoppers of Houston License Plate Cover as a free gift! 


Neighborhood Membership

The safety and security of your residential community is important.  Community members of Crime Stoppers receive access to the tools and techniques to keep their residents safe and free from crime.  Join today to help secure your community and residents!

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Mothers Against Crime

Mothers Against Crime is Crime Stoppers' newest society for the prevention of crime in Houston.  Members take a stand against crime in the community, and receive valuable training and resources to keep their families and homes safe. Follow the link below to learn more about becoming a Mother Against Crime! 

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General Donation

Thanks to the generosity of individuals in the community, Crime Stoppers of Houston has been keeping Houston safe for over 30 years!  Donate today to ensure a safe and prosperous future for your children and family.  

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Corporate Donation

Responsible corporate citizens across Houston are joining in support of Crime Stoppers' mission to keep Houston safe.  A safe and crime free Houston ensures prosperity for businesses and families.  Give today to support the continuing efforts of Crime Stoppers of Houston.

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Court Donation

The Harris County Criminal Courts require donations to Crime Stoppers as part of probationary consequences and dues.  These gifts continue to fund the ongoing criminal justice enforcement efforts of Crime Stoppers.  Click here if you have been ordered to donate to Crime Stoppers of Houston. 

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