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Victim Services and Advocacy Program

The mission of Crime Stoppers of Houston’s Victim Services and Advocacy Program is to promote safety, healing, justice and rights for crime victims and survivors.

Mission in action:

  • Act as an advocate on all stages of victimization
  • Ensure crime victims and survivors have a voice in our criminal justice system
  • Empower crime victims and survivors to assist in rebuilding their lives
  • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, probation and parole departments, juvenile justice systems and social services in assisting all victims of crime
  • Accompany victims and survivors to Court and Parole Board hearings
  • Guide victims and survivors through media inquiries and engagements
  • Refer victims and survivors to local, state-wide and national victim assistance organizations
  • Fight for legislative improvement to enhance victims rights and public safety
  • Conduct community events to commemorate victims and survivors
  • Increase public knowledge of victimization and its impact

Andy Kahan, Director of Victim Services and Advocacy

Andy Kahan joined Crime Stoppers of Houston in June 2018 as its first-ever Director of Victim Services and Advocacy.

Prior to Crime Stoppers, Andy served as the Victim Advocate for the Mayor’s Office and Houston Police Department for 26 years before retiring and joining Crime-Stoppers of Houston to resume his career as a Victim Advocate. Andy Kahan received his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in 1983 from the University of Houston. He worked as both a Parole and Probation Officer before becoming the first victim advocate in the country to work in a Mayor’s Office. His responsibilities included working with local crime victim’s rights organizations to facilitate the pooling of resources and the exchange of information, accompanying and representing victims before the Parole Board, putting crime victims in touch with local crime victims support and advocacy groups, and court accompaniment.

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