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Community-Based Counter-Terrorism Program

In partnership with former FBI special agent and national security expert, James Conway, Crime Stoppers of Houston has launched a community-based counter-terrorism program.

This counter-terrorism program takes a holistic approach to its three-stage model:

  • prevention
  • detection
  • intervention

It will take the engagement of an entire community that knows ideologies, recognizes indicative signs, and communicates effectively to protect our city from terroristic threats – both children and adults, school staff and law enforcement. Oftentimes, the opportunity to neutralize extremist behavior before it turns violent occurs at school-age. Whether a student makes threats to their school jokingly or angrily, it is still considered a criminal offense. Student presentations ensure that students know the repercussion of their actions, recognize indicators of dangerous behavior in other students, and understand when and where to take their concerns.

To learn more about this program, please contact 832-849-1591,