How It Works

Safety presentations are offered to students with an underlining message of good citizenship and keeping themselves safe, parents are presented with tools and tips for keeping their child safe and training is available to school staff and school-based law enforcement officers to assist in keeping students and schools safe.

Presentations are available to students from pre-kindergarten through high school in Greater Houston Area school campuses, including private and charter schools and satisfies state and federal mandates.

School Staff Trainings

Bullying Prevention

Best practices on creating a bully free climate are presented. Current laws are reviewed and used to discuss various interventions. Tips on engaging students and parents are provided. Application of the tools are used to practice identifying and responding to various bullying scenarios. [Approximately 90 minutes]

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

Signs and symptoms of all forms of child abuse, neglect and human trafficking are discussed. Review of  current  laws, handling disclosures and required  duties to respond. Satisfies state mandates TEC §38.0041 & TEC §38.004(2). [Approximately 90 minutes]


Student Presentations

Tip Line

Assembly on the Crime Stoppers of Houston Safe School Program educates middle and high school students on crime prevention, current trends in criminal activity, how to identify threats and potential dangers, and how to safely and anonymously report a tip to Crime Stoppers via 713-222-TIPS (8477), the Crime Stoppers Mobile App, website, or by texting TIP610 plus the tip to CRIMES (274637). [Approximately 25 minutes]

S.A.F.E. Student Anti-victimization Fundamentals and Education

The following subject-based presentations promote personal safety to aid students in avoiding victimization and deter delinquency. Videos are used to lead discussion and show examples.

Satisfies state mandate TEC §38.004(b). [Approximately 20-45 minutes each]

  • Alcohol (Underage Drinking) – exposes teen drinking and driving. This video is used to discuss peer pressure, alternatives and consequences. [High School]

  • Animal Safety – four scenes are used to discuss animal safety, animal cruelty and pet care. [All ages]

  • Bullying – depicts a bullying situation that assists in discussing possible solutions, how to be an ally and how to avoid victimization. [Elementary & Middle School]

  • Child Abuse/Neglect – reveals a neglectful situation used to talk about abuse, runaways, kidnapping and potential dangers of those circumstances. [Middle & High School]

  • Cyber Bullying - portrays a student becoming a victim of cyber crimes. This video is used to discuss possible cyber bullying situations, potential outcomes of inaction and suggested solutions and support. [Middle & High School]

  • Domestic Violence – using a bystander’s point of view the video is used to discuss domestic violence, bystanders and potential outcomes. [High School]

  • Drugs/School Violence – portrays drugs on a campus and is used to discuss implications, school safety and bystanders. [Middle & High School]

  • Human Trafficking – a depiction of a student being lured is used to discuss human trafficking, what it could look like for students vulnerabilities and how to protect yourself and others. [Middle & High School]

  • Teen Dating Safety – four circumstances are shown to lead discussion on healthy/unhealthy relationships, how to set boundaries, spot red flags and how to take action. [Middle & High School]