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If you’re busy, it’s hard to go to the gym. If you’re a parent of young children, it’s almost impossible. Gym owners know this and in an effort to leave you with no excuses, many have added childcare services to their establishments.   

"Although Haruka loved to perform on stage she never sought the spotlight in her daily life. Perhaps the last thing she would want is to be the poster child for any cause,” the family wrote. “And yet, as we struggle to understand why she was killed, if her death can somehow make it safer for a young woman to walk home, if it will prevent another assault or murder, then at least we could find some meaning behind an otherwise senseless and tragic death.” (Source: Daily Texan)

Child abuse, whether it is physical, emotional or sexual in nature, is as much an act of terrorism as if a bomb exploded. The traumatic stress that abuse leaves in its wake is comparable to that of the most devastating terrorist explosion. The only difference is that an act of terrorism occurs and is over until the next evil plan to destroy. But for an abused child the nightmare of terror and abuse may occur daily and last for years.

Everyone knows I have three kids. I probably talk about them and share stories of their lives more than I should. 

People with children understand. The love we have for our children drives us, shapes our vision, our decisions and our plans. The love for our children keeps us up at night; the loss of a child is every parent’s worst nightmare.  

February was Teen Dating Violence (TDV) Prevention and Awareness Month and your Crime Stoppers of Houston joined the nationwide efforts by sharing information material (download our TDV Prevention flyer here), insightful blog entries (read here) and an eye-opening video (watch here). Through e-news and social media we diligently educated the community at large on what teen dating violence is, what it may look like and what we can do to prevent it from happening and encouraged everyone to take a stand for respectful and healthy relationships. We also partnered with Sheriff Ron Hickman for a captive discussion at the Harris County Sheriff's Office Town Hall Meeting at the beginning of the month that revealed staggering numbers: 1 in 3 adolescents in the U.S. is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner. Approximately 8,325, or 21% of registered sex offenders that live in TX, live in Harris County.

I am usually never at a loss for words. But the incidents of this week in Brussels have left me somewhat speechless. I’m tired of writing hashtags that declare love for those who have been victims of terror. I’m tired of seeing the photos, hearing the stories, and wondering if (no, when) the next attack will be. 

So this weekend, on this very special Easter day for those of you who celebrate it, I want to think about positive alternatives to fear and terror and I want to share my personal, anti-terrorism, pledge. 

I couldn’t help but feel moved. Shelley Taylor Ludwick, Media and Event Manager at TOOTSIES, made sure everything was perfect. Thamer Kay Favor, Designer Merchandise Assistant at TOOTSIES and former Miss USA, was carefully and thoughtfully pulling fashionable, age-appropriate prom dresses for the attendees to try. Donae Chramosta, The Vintage Contessa, walked in looking like an honest-to-God belle of the ball as did former KPRC Anchor, Courtney Zavala. They took time to speak of social media savviness and true prom stories featured in the news respectively.  

As I’m looking forward to enjoying spring break with my family, I remember that this time of year is when parents often find themselves worried about teens about to head out on a spring break trip with friends. Before your teen leaves, it’s important to talk with them about their safety plan, whether they’re traveling domestically and internationally.   Here are some issues to ...

The word cyber-security has been increasingly floating around to describe protection against an imminent and dangerous threat, but what is this threat and what is the specific solution that "cybersecurity" offers against the threat? A recent poll by Identity Management Institute (IMI) confirmed my recent contemplation about the meaning of cybersecurity. Although we all think t ...

I get as excited about The Oscars as the people who are in it. It’s silly but it never fails. I watch dutifully year after year. In my typical analytical fashion, I think through each moment: Did Chris Rock go too far in the racial commentary? Could Cate Blanchett be any more beautiful? Mad Max: Fury Road won how many awards?   Would Leonard DiCaprio finally take home an Os ...