Safety is Sharing!

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I’ve done many things and had many experiences. Parenting is officially the hardest – by far.

After all, each child has its own package of complexities. They speak their own language, have their own vision, goals, objectives, needs and desires. Add to this the fact that the world we live in comes with a bundle of other things to navigate: their lives online and in school. They need to be social yet ingrained in a “healthy” amount of extra-curricular activities.

Our 10 US Olympic men’s swim team earned 23 medals between them – what an achievement. They are an inspiration for swimmers, young and old, everywhere. Their time in Rio ended on a high note with each looking forward to a bright future in and out of the pool. 

As a kid, I loved going back-to-school. It marked a time of new beginnings filled with new pencils, erasers, books, and clothes. For most, the top concerns revolved around which teacher and what classmates you’d be stuck with from Labor Day to Memorial Day.

Across the country, students going off to college are worried about learning how to do laundry, pay their own bills or cook a meal or two. Discussions are focused on sororities and fraternities or what courses to take and academic areas to concentrate on. 

With all the stories circulating, it’s no wonder that more and more people are talking about the frustration and fear of being pulled over by a police officer. I admit, every time I see it happen, my heart sinks a little. My nervousness has always been focused on the driver and that sense of anxious anticipation of the unknown

Returning home after 14 days out of the country was both wonderful and sad. I thoroughly enjoyed being across the globe and was thrilled to have had that opportunity to travel with my whole family. Everywhere we went, it was busy. Airports – busy. Public transportation – busy. Tourist spots – busy. Shopping centers – busy. Clearly, people are making the most of summer. 

Honestly, I did not want to come here. I was afraid for the safety of myself and my children. We are Christians, our names indicate that… Not only are we Christians, but we are “westerners”, our clothes indicate that… But when my father told me that he plans on this being one of his last (if not his last) trip to Cairo, Egypt, (the country he and my mom were born in and lived in for the first 30 years of their lives) and that he wanted me and my sister, as well as our kids, to join, I couldn’t say no.

I love this time of year because while we are all working, it just goes without saying that we all shift a bit of our attention to pure family time. As our kids enjoy the carefree days of summer, our goal is that they stay safe morning to night.

The Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (HCOHSEM) says that most Texans along the coast have learned to take hurricanes seriously and prepare ahead of time; however, some of the more than a million people that have moved into our area more recently, may not understand how tropical weather systems can affect their communities.

Doesn’t it seem like the last few weeks have been overwhelmingly sad? We’ve dealt with an active shooter in Houston; the details of a horrific rape at Stanford; the tragic killing of rising star and The Voice alum Christina Grimmie; and woke up last Sunday morning to the devastating news out of Orlando that claimed the lives of 50 and injured 50 more. In between, there were other stories that shook us, hurt us and left us shaking our heads wondering what was going on with our world and our society?