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National Night Out (NNO) is an annual community-building event in which local communities and neighborhoods come together for many reasons including general community support, drug and crime prevention, and most importantly to strengthen partnerships and relationships with local police and public safety personnel. This annual event began in 1984 and takes place in all 50 states, US territories, and military bases worldwide. Approximately 16,000 communities and 38 million neighbors came together last year during this event, according to the National Association of Town Watch.

Rania Mankarious talks about how many of us might be feeling symptoms of PTSD after Harvey.

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them most and filling an emptiness they never knew they had. That's exactly what rescue has done for us. We got involved with DREAM shortly after uprooting our entire life and moving to Houston where we didn’t know a single soul. It’s been a way for us to do something we love while meeting some pretty spectacular people along the way!

Going through a hurricane whether you were directly impacted or not makes us all susceptible to victimization. Our youth are sadly at risk for a myriad of reasons – some may have been displaced, some may be suffering from anxiety over the situation in general or simply by watching the news, and others may feel unsafe. Perpetrators pray on those vulnerabilities.

Rania Mankarious shares safety reminders in light of Hurricane Harvey. She touches on topics such as looting, scams, social media and more. 

Rania Mankarious shares important back-to-school safety reminders.

Rania Mankarious reflects on the protests in Charlottesville, VA.

Everyone has their own favorite activities, be it sports, chess, crossword, quiz bowl, film, acting, or gaming. Everyone has their own tastes in what they enjoy doing in their spare time, then why is it that people make fun of others for joining other clubs, what makes being part of football or lacrosse any better than being part of a foreign language club or a traditional dance club. It perplexes me why it even matters why high school students even care about what others enjoy doing, everyone has a different idea of fun, so why does this happen, I think the answer is far simpler than you may think.

Rania reflects on the phase of life she calls mom in the middle - the time when women have their own young family as their parents walk though later stages in life.

Rania Mankarious describes the dangers of Houseparty, a social media video chatting platform that millions of youth are using.