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It goes without saying that for a parent dealing with a missing youth, every second is agony.

In a manner similar to our current presidential contenders, you either instinctually love her or hate her. Regardless, it’s hard to argue against the fact that Kim Kardashian has mastered the art of getting people’s attention.

What to discuss this weekend . . . how I long for the post when we discuss the weather! In the last few days, the Crime Stoppers of Houston office has been inundated with activity surrounding the active shooter in our very own West University area Mon., Sept. 26 as well as the incredibly scary mass threats targeting Houston-area high schools Fri., Sept. 30. So let’s break it down as both require our attention today.

I’m sitting here writing at almost midnight. The images on TV seem to be playing in a loop. I find myself simply wondering what is going on in our world?

Two avenues are available to the state, county or municipal authority which seeks to protect animals from abuse. Namely, criminal prosecutions under Chapter 42.09 of the Texas Penal Code or filing a civil action against the abuser under Texas Health & Safety Code Section 821.023.[i]

This is a true story: She was sitting in her home of 40 years watching TV. It was evening and just her and her puppy. She is a widower in her late 60s, a proud mother and grandmother. She is an incredible, accomplished, independent woman who had a productive career in Houston. But as she got up to go to her bedroom, she realized the unthinkable had just happened, while she sat just a few feet away.

July 4th is a time to build memories, to hug those you love, to be thankful to those who serve and to think about what you will do with all the blessings and gifts you have. As you enjoy the weekend, we sincerely urge you to remember a few key points that are critical to keep you and your family safe. 

I’ve done many things and had many experiences. Parenting is officially the hardest – by far.

After all, each child has its own package of complexities. They speak their own language, have their own vision, goals, objectives, needs and desires. Add to this the fact that the world we live in comes with a bundle of other things to navigate: their lives online and in school. They need to be social yet ingrained in a “healthy” amount of extra-curricular activities.

Our 10 US Olympic men’s swim team earned 23 medals between them – what an achievement. They are an inspiration for swimmers, young and old, everywhere. Their time in Rio ended on a high note with each looking forward to a bright future in and out of the pool. 

As a kid, I loved going back-to-school. It marked a time of new beginnings filled with new pencils, erasers, books, and clothes. For most, the top concerns revolved around which teacher and what classmates you’d be stuck with from Labor Day to Memorial Day.